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Tanya Chisholm Age, Biography, Boyfriend, and Facts

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Image of renowned actress, Tanya Chisholm

The American superstar Tanya Chisholm has contributed a lot to the movie industry for over three-decade now. But, still, she is a lesser-known celebrity. In this article, we have gathered some mentionable information about this talented actress. She is married to the mystery man, James beats. Let’s find out who he is and how more about Tanya Chisholm. 

 How old is Tanya Chisholm? Age, Birthday, and Height

The rising actor who celebrates her birthday on July 1 is 37 years old. She is a pretty tall woman with a height of 175cm. But, as an Aries, she is fierce and strong. Furthermore, Tanya is a professional dancer and currently gives classes to aspiring actors.

Is Tanya Chisholm married to a husband?

Tanya is happily married to the song producer, James Beats. However, the couple has managed to keep their personal life away from the limelight. Nevertheless, they promised each other at the holy matrimony in April 23, 2017. Chisholm posted a cute photo of them in a fairytale-like background and wished her beloved husband over three years at their wedding Anniversary.

She wrote a long-line poem and quoted Tanya Engel at the end. After looking at her post, we can indeed see how much the couple is in love. They are like a piece of puggles that fits perfectly. Let’s find out who is this mystery man in her life below.

Image of renowned actress, Tanya Chisholm and husband
A renowned actress, Tanya Chisholm, and husband, James Beats

So James Beats is a song producer and a drummer. He has helped a lot of musicians compose their songs. He is the founder of the soundbetter production house where along with his team, creates future stars. His fees start from $1500. He is the mixer and the producer for the song Flawless. He has made the song so beautifully catchy and has hit all the notes. As of now, he released an album with Malcolm.

Tanya Chisholm Biography and Parents

Tanya Chisholm was brought into the world as Tanys Michelle Chisholm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At simply the age of one, Tanya began her film venture. The actress went to one of the top colleges, UCLA, finished her Theater degree, and got the Regent University scholarship in London.

Additionally, the bright student was raised by Charlie Chaplin and Bet Grant, her father, and mother respectively, along with two siblings. After graduating, she moved to the city of dreams, Los Angelos, to start her career as a movie star.


 Chisholm is a regular American girl turned into a rising sensation. Till today, she is remembered for her appearance in the nickelodeon comedy show, ‘Big time rush.’ Tanya was cast as Nancy Cooper for the hit show CW’s ‘Veronica Mars’ during her struggling days. After her brilliant performance, she landed a unique guest star role for CBS’ ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Cory in the house’ in the Disney channel.

After being associated with Disney, Tanya got lucky and had an opportunity to be a part of the most liked franchise of the High school musical. She was in the sequel movie and got a chance to perform with high-profile actors like Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. She was also seen as a supporting character in the iconic film, ‘Legally Blondes.’

Furthermore, the mindblowing actress Tanya has been featured in the music video of Cee Lo Green, Cry baby. She also worked in youtube origin movies like the end of wong fu: a Christmas story and Linappropriate. In 2018 she signed a role with Keven Willmott and became Alice for the film, BlacKkKlansman.’

Net Worth

The net worth of Tanya was considered to be around $5 million in her earlier days. Then, she was the brand ambassador of the sneaker brand Yeezy and was paid considerably.

Image of popular actress, Tanya Chisholm
Well known actress and superstar, Tanya Chisholm

However, her money doubled from her right movie choices, and her net worth increased to $10 million.

Social Media Activities

Tanya has made her social media platform a sourcing tool for networking and engaging purpose. She undoubtedly understands the power of this social sites and defiantly is using it for her benefit. In Twitter, Tanya has 206.3 k followers and is pretty active there. Her Instagram page is very aesthetic and pleasing for the eyes, with 62.4k supporters as a public figure and influencer.

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