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Tina Lai (Jeffrey Lurie Wife) Age, and Biography 

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Image of Tina Lai

You might have noticed the beautiful wife of Jeffrey Lurie in the Super Bowl trophy presentation. The owner of Philadelphia Eagles, Jeffrey is already a renowned personality. But his wife, Tina Lai, is famous mainly because of her spouse. Let’s know about their love life in detail. Also, know her age and biography.

Tina Lai Biography, Early Life and Parents

Tina is originally from Vietnam. Her parents Nhu Lai and Thuyen Luu, gave birth to their 8th child, Tina Lai, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She grew up with eight elder siblings in a middle-class family. Later, her entire family has to run from Vietnam to the USA, where Tina spends most of her childhood. She lived in Philadelphia with her family in a small flat. The family had to build their life from nothing.

Tina went to Lamberton High School, where she primarily studied in the school library because her house was always crowded and noisy with her sibling. We can say that her childhood has been challenging.

Tina Lai family and Early Life

In 1978, Tina’s family left Vietnam to protect their family from the ongoing war. Dozens of people from their town got into a small wooden boat and went along the river. They were all sucked in the South China Sea for almost a week before kind-hearted sailors took them to Malaysia. Back then, Tina was only three years old.

After tough days in Malaysia, they contacted the US embassy as refugee immigrants, and they moved to Philadelphia, USA. The initial days without money and knowledge of the English language were the hardest. The family of 10 people worked hard to earn their living. Soon after, they build a home in West Philadelphia.

Lai worked In a Vietnam Café with her brother Benny after the classes. The café used to serve the famous Vietnamese food and look over the family expenses. Later, Benny Lai expanded his business; he owns a Fu Wah mini-market and another Vietnam Cafe in University City.

Tina’s life appeared interesting to the public only after her marriage to Jeffrey Lurie. She often appears in football matches with her life partner and talks to the media.

Tina Lai smiling in white coat

Beautiful wife of Jeffrey Lurie, Tina Lai

Tina Lai Age, Birthday, Height and Body Measurements

Tina, a 46 years old beautiful Asian lady, was born in 1975. Her 5 feet 7 inches body with 62kgs looks relatively slender. Tina’s body measures 34-23-33 inches. The long, straight dark hair and brown eyes suit quite well her body

Tina Lai is married to a husband, Jeffrey Lurie

Tina Lai started dating the billionaire business Tycon in 2012. They first saw each other in Tina’s family restaurant. They immediately felt the heat and started dating each other. Only eight months after the relationship, Jeffery asked Tina to marry him.

The wedding ceremony was organized in Charleston, South Carolina, among their friends and family. Tina looked gorgeous in her strapless white gown while Jeffrey was in his classic black tuxedo. Despite being a billionaire, they threw an intimate wedding on May 4, 2013.

Now, Tina and Jeffery celebrate the 7th year of marriage without a child of their own.

Tina Lai in wedding dress with her husband, Jeffery Lurie

Owner of Philadelphia Eagles, Jeffery Lurie, and his wife, Tina Lure

Tina Lai’s husband Jeffery Lurie was previously married

Tina is not the only lady in Jeffery’s life. Before Tina meeting Tina, Jeffery was hitched to Christina Weiss Lurie. Jeffery’s ex-wife Christina is a very popular lady. This two Oscars winner film producer is an independent filmmaker. She is also an actor, a philanthropist, and one of the minor owners of the Philadelphia Eagles. This Yale graduate met Jeffery in the set of “I Love You To Death.”

The two got hitched in 1992 in Switzerland and led a happy married life for two decades. The two parted in August 2012, the same year Jeffery met Tina. As a divorce settlement, Christina got some ownership right over the club. In less than a year, Jeffery found his love in Tina, and the two got married.

Jeffery and his ex-wife had two children, Julian Lurie, and Milena Lurie. Julian, now 26, is a Harvard graduate, and Milena Lurie, 28, is a filmmaker. Milena is quite famous for her production work based in New York. Tina is not very close to her stepchildren.

Tina Lai Career

Tina’s career started when she worked in her brother’s restaurant after classes. She helped her brother to manage the business and expand it. However, their carrier other than this is unknown to the world. Hitched to a billionaire husband, she is only working as a housewife.

Net worth and Income Sources

Tina’s family made quite reasonable money when she was working in the café. Her annual salary was about $100k. But her husband, 90% owner of Philadelphia Eagles and a business tycoon, has about $2.7 billion worth of money. His company “chestnut Hill Production” is worth $3.1 billion. The two live a luxurious life in their home worth $14 million.

Tina is not active in social media, but her husband has 14.5k Instagram followers. She often appears before the camera with her husband but does not mainly talk about her personal life. Tina prefers her life stories away from the camera.

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