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Tina Mahina (Barry Williams Wife) Net Worth and Wiki-Bio

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Barry Williams's wife, Tina Mahina networth and wiki

“Love is Blind.” Barry William and his wife Tina Mahina are the perfect epitomai of this saying. Although Barry is more than a decade older than his beloved wife, it does not seem to bother the unconditional love they share. So, now let’s find out all about the lucky woman in Barry’s life. Here is everything about Tina Mahina, including her age and Net Worth.

Tina Mahina Age: Wikipedia

Born and raised in the wild of the United States of America, Tina is a renowned hula dancer. As her birth took place in 1966, she is 55 years old at present and celebrates her birthday on 26 April every year. The dancer stands quite tall at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches and has a healthy body mass of 65 kgs. Despite being the life partner of a well-known American personality and having a successful career herself, Tina prefers to remain lowkey. So due to this reason, not much about her parents and early life is known.

Tina Mahina Net Worth and Income

Tina earns a comfortable living from her accomplished career as a hula dancer. Her net worth is believed to be approximately USD 300,000, according to a source. Furthermore, an average hula dancer earns roughly $1,523 per week and $6,600 per month. So, Mahina is certainly getting amply compensated for her efforts.

Tina Mahina has been the Wife of Barry Williams Since 2017

Tina and Barry celebrated their third wedding anniversary in 2021. The couple met for the first time in the year 2013 through a common friend who invited both to an event and introduced them. After knowing each other and spending some time together, they fell in love and started dating each other, despite the considerable age gap. Barry was so intentionally in love with Tina that he proposed to her after three years of their relationship.

The duo tied the knot on 9 July 2017 and promised to be there for each other for the rest of their life. As per the source, the couple went to South Pacific for their honeymoon. Their love flourished with time, and they have been living happily together since then.

Tina Mahina and Barry Williams Children

The couple has no children of their own. The reason behind it may be because the pair married pretty late. However, Mr. Williams does have two children from his previous relationships. He has an eighteen-year-old son named Brandon Eric William and a nine-year-old daughter named Samantha Rose Williams. According to the online portal, the children live with Tina and Barry in Santa Monica, California.

Barry Williams with his wife, Tina Mahina
Renowned hula dancer Tina Mahina and her husband, Barry Williams

Husband, Barry Williams Net Worth

As of early 2021, Barry Williams has a net worth of $6 million, claimed an online portal. Further, the entertainment personality has a monthly salary of $37,633. He makes the most of his money from his successful acting and singing careers. He has been in the entertainment world since 1967, and it won be wrong to say that the industry has embraced him completely. Some of Barry’s well-known works include “The Brady Brunch,” “Full House,” “That ‘70s Show”, and “Flea,” to name a few.

Tina Mahina’s Husband is Married Thrice

Yes, Tina’s beloved husband, Barry is married three times. At first, the actor had exchanged his wedding vows with a lady named Diane Martin in 1990. Diane was a beautiful woman with blond wavy hair. The pair stayed together for two years and got divorced in 1992. However, the cause of their divorce is a mystery that is yet to unfold.

After Diane, Mr. Williams remained single for almost seven years. He then married his second wife, Eila Mary Matt, in the year 1999. The couple had a great relationship, and they welcomed their first child (son) in 2003. Unfortunately, his second marriage too failed after almost six years of togetherness. Barry and Eila parted ways in 2005.

Them a year later, the actor was spotted dating Elizabeth Kennedy. They share a daughter. Barry and Elizabeth broke up after three years in 2009. After that, the man remained single for a long time and married his third wife, Tina, in 2017.

Image of the brady bunch cast, Barry Williams
The Brady bunch cast, Barry Williams

Social Media Activities

As being said earlier, the celebrity wife is pretty secretive about her personal life, so due to this reason, her social media presence is also relatively low. She is barely available on any social media. However, she can be traced on Twitter. Tona joined Twitter in 2015 as @tinamahina2u. She has gathered 118 followers until now.

Likewise, her display picture and the cover picture features a cute photo of her with her husband, Barry. Moreover, though she does not make her tweets, she is seen retweeting her husband’s tweets.

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