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Tomasina Parrott (Larenz Tate Wife) Age, Net Worth, Parents and Bio

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Image of Tomasina Parrott

Once a successful dancer and actress, Tomasina Parrott is now an equally successful baker. Even though she made a big career switch, she never looked backed or regretted her decision.

Here we present you the bio details of the very bold and beautiful Tomasina Parrot.

Who Is Tomasina Parrott?

Tomasina Parrott is an eminent name in the American entertainment world. She is an actress, a salsa dancer, and also a choreographer. Further, she holds American nationality and endures a mixed ethnicity as her parents were from different racial backgrounds.

If we are to speak about her early life, then not much information has been revealed. The first material about her on the internet was released in the early 2000s when she began her acting career.

Tomasina Parrott Age and Parents

Born in New York, the United States, Tomasina Parrott’s age is 44 years in 2021. In 1977, she was brought into the world, and she celebrates her birthday on 3rd January. Likewise, Tomasina needs to have her details private. So, because of this reason, she has not revealed her parents’ names and backgrounds. We believe that she is the only child of their parents as not much information about her siblings can be found anywhere.

Tomasina Parrot looking beautiful in curly hair
Successful dancer and actress, Tomasina Parrot.

Tomasina Parrott and Larenz Tate Net Worth

Tomasina Parrott has accumulated quite a good sum from being in the entertainment industry. Her net worth, according to the source, is evaluated to be $350,000. Though most of her earnings came from her acting career, she is now equally high as a full-time baker. Correspondingly, her famous husband, Larenz Tate, has a huge net worth of USD 8.5 million.

So, we are confident that the actress has earned herself a luxuriant lifestyle.

Married Life with Her Husband, Larenz Tate

People best recognize Tomasina as the wife of Larenz Tate. Mr. Tate is an eminent American actor. He is famous for his character of O-Dog in the movie Menace II Society. Tomasina and Larenz Tate exchanged their wedding vows in December of the year 2006. Before they married, the couple was in a love relationship.

According to a report by Essence, the couple met more than 2 decades ago in Oakland at All-Star Weekend. Further, Tomasina’s husband Larenz exclaims that friendship is crucial in any relationship, and he is indeed a good friend of his wife. Larenz says, “I see her as my Queen.” The pair do share an extraordinary level of understanding and love. But they do not believe in exposing her personal matter in the limelight.

Tomasina Parrott smiling with her husband larenz
Successful dancer and actress, Tomasina Parrott and her husband, Larenz Tate.

Tomasina Parrott Children

Tomasina is a happy and proud mother of four children. She is a caring and loving mother. Her first child is Miles Xavier Tate, who was born in 2006 on 29th June. Then, she had a child gap of two years, and in 2008 she gave birth to her second son, Zander Tate, who is very similar in appearance to the duo.

After a long wait of five years, she again welcomed another baby boy in the world name Zion Tate born in November. Lastly, in 2018, the couple welcomed a new family member whose details are still vague. Lauren and Tomasina are the ideal parents who have responsibly taken care of their children.

Tomasina Parrott looking happy with her husband and kids
Successful dancer and actress, Tomasina Parrott, and her husband, Larenz Tate, and her kids.

Tomasina Parrott Career

Tomasina Parrott has always been a career-oriented woman. She began her professional journey as a salsa dancer. During those days, Tomasina was known by her stage name Geneva. Later she bloomed to fame after she began acting. It was her dancing that led her to the cinema industry. In 2004, she made her appearance as a dancer in a movie called Along Came Polly.

Some of her career hits include Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous, The Onion, etc. Tomasina Parrott currently operates a bakery named Sugar Fairy and is a successful businesswoman. In addition to being a known dancer, she is also an excellent choreographer.

However, Parrott made a switch in her career after her marriage. According to the former actress herself, she switched her career to have more time with her loved ones.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Tomasina Parrot is an actress whose height is quite tall than that of an average American woman. She stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall and has a well-maintained body mass of 58 kgs. As an actress and salsa dancer, she has a fantastic 38-28-40 body to go along with her towering stature. She has bright eyes and beautiful white teeth, to describe more of her attributes.

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