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Tomoko Sato (Billy Blanks Wife) Age, Children and Wiki-Biography

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Image of Tomako Sato

Tomoko Sato is a beautiful, gorgeous woman in the American film industry. She is a film editor who came into the public eye after she wed Billy Blanks, a pro-fitness trainer, bodyguard, martial artist, and actor. Despite the fact that she hasn’t shared much about her personal and professional life, here are some pieces of information you should know about the wife of Billy Blanks.

Who is Tomoko Sato? Early life 

Born in Osaka, Japan, her actual date of birth is still unknown. She has not revealed her parent’s identity either. She could be the single child of her parents as information concerning her siblings is unknown. After completing her high school education at Mountain View High School, California, she was admitted to John Robert Power College in Osaka, Japan.

Tomoko Sato Age

Her actual age is unclear because she has not given any information regarding her birth date. She is, nevertheless, believed to be in her early fifties.

Tomoko Sato Is Married to a Husband, Billy Blanks

Tomoko Sato started her relationship in 2007 and was wedded on June 20, 2009, with Billy Blanks, a fitness coach, actor, and martial artist. This marriage of them brought her up into the public eye. Nothing about her previous marriage is revealed yet. To this date, we have not heard any controversies and rumors about this couple. This shows that the bond between them is pretty rigid.

Tomoko Sato smiling with her husband, Billy Blanks
Film editor of the American film industry, Tomoko Sato, and her husband, Billy Blanks.

Her Children

Before marriage, they had had a daughter named Angelika in November 2008. Later, the pair adopted two children, Erika and Marriett.

Tomoko Sato’s Husband Was Previously Married to Gayle Godfrey

Tomoko Sato’s husband Billy previously wedded Gayle Godfrey in 1974. Out of the blue, the ex-couple first met during martial arts training. Martial arts brought them closer, and later they converted their love into marriage. The ex-couple had a son and an adopted daughter. But, their marriage went in vain when Billy got involved in an extra-marital relationship with the young lady. Eventually, their divorce in 2008 terminated their 33 years of love.

Billy Blanks Net Worth and Wiki 

Billy Blanks, a fitness freak, was born on September 1, 1955, in Pennsylvania, USA. After completing his hіgh school education, he admitted in Hollywood High Реrfоrmіng Аrtѕ Сеntеr to learn acting, a field of concern for him. While pursuing his area of interest, he also learned martial arts.

He then worked as a bodyguard of iconic Catherine Bach. After that, he created the TV show, Tae Bo exercise program that he utilized as a platform to motivate people and youths to be fit and remain healthy. This TV program achieved great success as he encouraged many people to complete their primary wish of every New Year, i.e., to stay fit and healthy.

Eventually, he became popular across the USA as a fitness guru. Finally, he got his dream role in the film industry as an actor. His tasks in movies such as Bloodfist,’ ‘Kiss the Girl,’ The Last Boy Scout,’ and many more are highly appreciable.

Billy’s life motivates us to convert our dream into reality by following it till we meet our goal at any cost. His career as a fitness guru, bodyguard, martial artist, and actor is a roller-coaster ride. By his hard work and dedication, he has earned a massive worth of Twenty-five million dollars till July 2021.

Career and Net Worth

Today, Tomoko Sato is a prominent figure in the field of entertainment. Initially, she started her career as a film editor. Sato established herself as an editor after working on the TV series Clannad.” Moreover, she is also an actor. Her talent in the film sector and her enchanting beauty got her a character in Japanese ‘Scary Movie 4,’ released in 2006.

She may have made a lot of money in her professional career, but she hasn’t revealed it yet. According to a study from the year 2020, she has a net worth of about $500,000.

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