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Tony Sentmanat Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Age, Parents

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Image of Youtuber and a social media influencer, Tony Sentmanat

Tony Sentmanat is one of those people who got famous because of his exceptional combat Knowledge. People take this social media influencer as a reference for hard work and commitment. Here is everything you want to know about Tony Sentmanat’s height, net worth, age, and bio in this review. Also, read about his nationality and parents.

Who is Tony Sentmanat?

The current Marine Corps veteran Tony is a Youtube star and a social media influencer. 1.2 Million Instagram followers love his body and real-life combat knowledge. Originally from Miami, Florida, Tony is the former SWAT Operator. At the same time, he also has a deep understanding of nutrition, mixed martial arts, and lifestyle. This consulting business owner is now a famous media face.

 Tony Sentmanat Height, Weight and Measurements

This 5 feet 11 inches (180cm) handsome hulk weighs about 105 kgs. Currently 45 years old, Tony has dark brown eyes and black hair. We do not know about his body measurement yet.

What is Tony Sentmanat Nationality and Ethnicity?

Tony Sentmanat was born in the United States, in the city of Miami. His family is of Cuban descent. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Net Worth and Income

Tony’s current income source is his business RIAOZone and his Youtube channel. His work as a law enforcement officer also helped Tony accumulate a good amount of net worth. His estimated net worth is between $1 and $2 million. The exact figure, however, remains unknown to the rest of the globe.

Image of a Youtube star and a social media influencer, Tony Sentmanat

A Youtube star and a social media influencer, Tony Sentmanat

How old is Tony Sentmanat? Age, Birthday, Parents, and Family

Born on January 13, 1980, Tony grew up in Carol City. His grandparents came to the US for heart surgery. Unfortunately, his grandfather died the very same day in the airport.

When Tony was born, his mother was still completing her education and also working as a teacher. After his parents split when Tony was just two, he was raised by his grandmother in Hialeah. Tony’s grandmothers taught him to believe in the power of hard work and love. Sentmanat started to play Karate from the age of four. This love for martial arts comes from watching Bruce Lee. His childhood was definitely not so easy.

Tony loosed his grandmother, his only motivation while he was 15. It was the same time when he saw one of his friends being shot in gang-related issues. Such childhood shock made him think of warriors who need to make a difference.

Tony once said, “I started weightlifting when I was just 17. A already knew that I love pushing myself to be stronger.”

Soon after graduation, he joined Marines.

Career and Achievements

Tony started his carrier by serving his nation as a Marine. But, after four years, he wanted other things from life. So, he was a State Correctional Officer for a short time before joining the SWAT team. He started to learn more about firearms training as well as defensive tactics. Sentmanat was involved in over 700 real-world operations that include his work in Federal Agencies and more.

He says, “The average person quits at 40% of their potential and I don’t want to do that”.

Image of the current Marine Corps veteran, Tony Sentmanat

The current Marine Corps veteran, Tony Sentmanat

After serving his nation for two decades in various positions, Tony retired from his job and entered the business world. He chose to share his expertise and experience with the rest of the world so that everyone may be motivated to keep active and safe.

With this attitude, Tony started giving specialized physical, fighting, and weapons training. In 2014, he began RealWorld Tactical consulting business, which made him some good fortune. Tony has also won some important awards like Combat cross and more.

Social Media Activities

Nowadays, Sentmanat is very active on social media platforms. His Instagram account has almost 850 posts with over 1.2M followers. We can see his real-life works along with friends and family in this insta account. At the same time, Tony is amongst the successful YouTube fitness Star. This youtube account RealWorld Tactical aka Tony Sentmanat currently has 254 subscribers. Thanks to his video, people can now learn real-life defense tactics from the expert with first-hand experience.

Sadly, we do not know much about this dating life. Tony has never talked about his relationship in public; he is probably single at this time.

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