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Trae Robin Age and Wiki Biography

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Trae Robin looking handsome

22 years old talented actor Trae Robin has already appeared in over ten television shows. However, we are yet to see him acting in the leading position. Trae is already a famous face from roles as Oliver in the movie Back of the Net. Let us learn more about him by reading his post.

Who Is Trae Robin? Early Life

Trae was born in Australia in the year 1999. He still holds Australiana citizenship. This handsome young boy is a Gemini. It denotes that he is intelligent but impulsive.

Despite his popularity, Trea is very silent about his personal life. He is a father figure to his small niece, minty. We can say that Robin is a high school graduate where he learned to play guitar and other instruments. He is a friend to Sofia Wylie, who worked with him in Back of the Net. No further information about his family or dating life is known yet. He is probably single at this time.

Trae Robin Career: Movies and TV Shows

Trae found his love for acting at a very young age. He tried to appear in many TV shows doing minor roles and making his way in the acting industry. Robin joined the real film world in 2019. Millions love his acts as an Oliver in Back of the Net. Even Trae is very proud of his work in this movie.

After the success of Back of the Net, he acted in another movie, Teddy, in 2020. After such hits, Trea has received plenty of contracts. We will definitely see more of his work in the future. He had attained the prescreening of movies like Aladdin and Avengers. Currently, his work is managed by Marquee Management in Great Buckingham, Australia.

Trae Robin in charming look
Talented actor, Trae Robin.

How Old Is Trae Robin?

Robin was born on June 4th, 1999. This handsome guy will celebrate his 22nd birthday in a couple of days.

Trae Robin Height and Measurements

Trae stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall in his well-maintained physique. Currently, he weighs 67 kgs. Working as an actor, Robin likes to maintain his body with workouts and muscle building. In addition, he often dresses classy and looks smart when approaching the Public.

Good Looking, Trae Robin in green shirt
Australian actor, Trae Robin.

Trae Robin Net Worth

Trae is one of those people who has got his fame at a very young age. In his early 20, Trea is already a Billionaire with a net worth of $1-5 Million. Although the exact figure is not known, we can say that he is pretty rich for his age. Trae also comes from wealthy family background.

Guitarist and Gym Freak

Trae’s love for music comes from a very young age. He used to listen to the music and practice the song while staying alone in his room. Later, he learned to play guitar during high school. Robin often adds a video of himself playing guitar and singing cover songs on his Instagram. His latest cover was White from Frank Ocean ft.

At the same time, Trea does everything in his power to maintain an excellent physique. This gym freak can lift over 110kgs clean. He enjoys’ s weight lifting and making a muscular body. We can see some videos of Trae’s workout on his social media account.

Social Media Activities

Trae is quite active on Instagram, where he has got 24k followers. He often shares the picture with his work friends and partners, but we cannot see his family on social media. I hope he opens more about his personal life in the future. We will definitely see more of his works in the future.

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