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Valerie Morris (Naomi Campbell Mother), Age, Net Worth, Husband, Wiki-Bio

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Images of Valarie Morris

The most popular face of the fashion industry Naomi Campbell is the world’s five best original supermodels. Her fame goes far and beyond as the first Jamaican model to reach such height in modeling. Naomi’s strength and confidence to lead the world come from her beautiful mother Valerie Morris. The cancer survivor Valerie raised her child as a single teen mom. This article is all about the beautiful mom of Naomi Campbell.

Who Is Valerie Morris? Wiki

Valerie, also a model and a fashion star represent excellent abilities and magnificence in her work. Even in her 60s, Valerie maintains her beauty and elegance, looking quite young for her age. This mother of two, Naomi Campbell and Pierre Blackwood have recently been blessed with a grandchild. This Jamaican beauty was a dancer and an actress in her days.

Valerie Morris Age, Parents and Bio

Born in December of 1951, Valerie is currently 60 years old. Although the information of her parents is hidden, we know that they were somewhere from China/ Japan with “Ming” in their name. Seems like they came to Jamaica before giving birth to Valeria. Valerie gets her Afro-Jamaican ascent from her parents who used to work as a seamstress and a carpenter.

Valerie mostly grew up in her hometown. From a small age, she discovered her modeling and acting skills. But her carrier was held back when Valerie got married to Naomi’s dad. She gave birth to Naomi at the age of 19. After having her daughter, Valerie continued her dancing carrier.

While her mother was mostly on a work tour, Naomi was raised by her grandmother Ruby Morris in Streatham. Managing money for Namo’s education was her biggest challenge.

Later, she left her hometown and moved to the UK. Then, she used to leave Naomi with their close relatives and continue dancing with a troupe Fantastica.

“It was hard for me to grow quickly, but I had to give Naomi my best”-Valerie once said when she was asked about being a single teen mom.

Who Is Valerie Morris Husband?

Besides being quite famous, Valerie has managed to hide the details of Naomi’s dad. As per the rumors, Valerie was married to Naomi’s dad for seven years but he abandoned the family when Valerie was just four months pregnant. Noami has never met her real father and even her birth certificate does not have a name of a father.

Over the years, Noami considers a fashion designer from Tunisia named Azzedine Alaïa, as her “papa”. She was also a stepdaughter to Quincy Jones and Chris Blackwell.

Later, in 2013, after Noami was already famous, Errol Campbell claimed to be her biological father. This convicted rapist asked to perform a DNA test if needed.

He said,

“I didn’t leave Valerie while she was pregnant. We raised the child together for 10 years. Even after that, I helped with Noami’s schooling”.

He claimed that he wanted to be a part of Naomi’s life and gain her love and respect. But Valerie decline everything said by this criminal who has been in jail for raping a 16-year-old girl in the 1990s.

Valerie has married Cliff blackwood, the father of actor Richard Blackwood in the 1980s. Back then, Naomi was just 10. The two gave birth to Pierre Blackwood. But, they were divorced after some years.

Daughter Naomi Cambell and Son Pierre Blackwood

Naomi Campbell is a very popular model and actress. Her carrier started at seven when she was seen in “Is This Love” by Bob Marley. After five years, she played in Culture Club’s video. At just 15, Naomi was already on the cover of ‘British Elle.’ She worked with Wella’s Cosmopolitan Cosmetics to release her own fragrances in 1999.

Naomi, a businesswoman, also tried writing a novel named ‘Swan’ which was mostly a failure. We have often seen her posing for the cover of a popular magazine like ‘British Vogue’.

Lately, Naomi walked in to Louis Vuitton’s menswear show. She appears in many music videos, fashion shows, and runways. In the three decades of her successful carrier, she has managed to make a huge fortune. Recently, on the 8th of May 2021, Naomi announced the birth of her child.

Naomi’s stepbrother Pierre Blackwood, recently 36, keeps a low-profile life. He is popular because of his connection with his supermodel sister.

Valerie Morris smiling with her daughter Naomi Campbell
Fashion star, Valerie Morris and her daughter, Naomi Campbell.

Valerie Morris Net Worth

Although Valerie had a very successful carrier in her days, we do not know the exact figure of his net worth. Considering the $80 million net worth of her daughter, we can assume that she is quite rich.

Valerie Morris Was Diagnosed With Cancer

In 2015, Valerie Morris confirmed having cancer. The lump in her breast was there from 1997, but she didn’t know it was so serious until 2015. As a result, she went through mastectomy which made a big scar on her body. However, Valerie is now in good health after six months of chemotherapy. But she is worried that she cannot wear the dress of her choice due to the cuts in her chest.

Valerie Morris looking pale in hospital dress
Super Model, Valarie Morris.

Social Media Activities

Valerie is very active in her social media account, especially Instagram with 71.5k followers. Her daughter Naomi with 10.8 million followers often shares the picture of her mother on social media.

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