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VanossGaming Net Worth: Age and Girlfriend

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Image of video commentator, Evan Fong

Evan Fong is a Canadian Video Commentator, social media personality, DJ, and Music Producer. He is well-known for posting montage-style videos alongside his fellow creators while playing video games. While working, Evan Fong uses multiple aliases, which include Rynx, Vanossgaming, and Vanoss. Find out if he has a girlfriend.

In 2014, Vanossgaming was nominated for ‘Trending Gamer‘ in The Gaming Awards. Moreover, he was also a nominee in the Shorty Awards. Prepare to learn more about Vanossgaming’s age and net worth.

Who is VanossGaming? His Career Highlight

At the start of Evan Fong’s YouTube career, he collaborated with several YouTubers who helped him master everything there was to know about the business. By 2015, he already had more than ten million subscribers.

During the same year, Fong signed a contract with Jetpack after appearing at PAX East. His Owl Logo is even one of the most recognizable symbols in Grand Theft Auto V.

Fong began receiving plenty of media attention after he hit 15.6 million subscribers. At the time, he was ranked in the list of the 25 most successful YouTubers.

The same year, Evan announced that he had been working on ‘Dead Realm’ as the creative director. He worked alongside Brain Handby (The Terroriser), Tom (Syndicate), David Neagle (Daithi De Nogla), and Craig (Mini Ladd).

In 2016, Fong got the opportunity to feature in the “Paranormal Action Squad,” a YouTube Premium series. He was also a voice actor in “Alpha Betas.” On 25th October 2019, Fong released his first studio album, ‘In Pieces.’

Image of Evan Fong
Video commentator Evan Fong.

Net Worth and Income Sources

As of 2021, Vanossgaming’s net worth sits at a whopping $25 million.

Evan has several income sources, his main one being an internet personality. Looking at his YouTube profile, he has over 11 billion views. Thanks to the YouTube monetization policy, he keeps collecting regular monthly paychecks.

According to some sources, Vanossgaming’s YouTube channel makes about $20k in a day. When you do the math, this adds up to $7.3 million annually.

In 2017, he was rumored to have made $15 million from YouTube. The next year, this figure rose to $18.5 million.

Fong’s other source of income comes from the merchandising deals he has signed over the years. The exact cost of the various items he sells is yet to be determined.

Is VanossGaming Dating a Girlfriend?

Evan Fong (Vanossgaming) has kept part of his life a mystery. Is he dating now? Unfortunately, he has not disclosed any details about his relationship for a while.

Back in 2015, Evan reportedly dated a girl by the name of Sydney. So far, so good, that is the only information we have on her. By the end of 2015, Evan and his girlfriend had broken up.

Age and Date of Birth

Social Media Personality Fong was born on 31st May 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This makes him 29 years old today. It’s incredible how Evan Fong achieved so much in a span of 9 years.

Forbes Magazine even included him in the Ten Highest-Paid Players alongside famous gamers like Shroud, Ninja, and DanTDM.

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