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Victoria Cornelius (Don Cornelius Ex-Wife) Step- Grand Daughter Christina Marie Cornelius, Net Worth, Age

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Victoria Cornelius with her ex-husband, Don Cornelius

The TV show “Soul Train” was the heart and soul of the people from the 70s. Don Cornelius, a Hollywood Journalist, is loved for his performance in Television. While Cornelius is a famous personality, even eight years after his death, very little about his ex-wife, Victoria Cornelius, and his family is in the public eye. Let’s change that for once and forever.

Who is Viktoria Cornelius? Age

Viktoria Chapman Cornelius, an ex-Russian model, was Don Cornelius’s last wife. The past Miss Ukraine, Viktoria, was a one-time actress seen in the movie “Club Vampire” and “Women of the Night.”  Her life before the marriage to Don Cornelius is under wraps.

Viktoria Cornelius was married to Don Cornelius before divorce in 2008

Don married Viktoria in the year 2001. They probably met on the set and married each other soon after. The initial years of marriage were full of happiness, but things turned about ugly after that. The couple didn’t have any Childers in eight years of marriage.

Although the two were happy together in public, including the farewell of Berry Gordy in Beverly Hills in 2008, the married life was not so easy. Cornelius was jailed for domestic violence. After Don pleaded no contest, he got 36-month probation and 52-week domestic violence treatment. He had to stay 100 yards far from Viktoria and serve 300 hours of community service.

In 2008, Viktoria filed two restraining orders to her husband along with divorce. The divorce happened in 2009 after a lengthy discussion for the settlement. Viktoria’s current net worth of $300,000 comes from the Divorce Settlement of her husband. Don hated his then-wife Viktoria and was glad to be without her in the last of his life.

Victoria Cornelius with her ex-husband, Don

An ex-Russian model, Victoria Cornelius, and his Ex-husband, Don Cornelius

Victoria Cornelius ex-husband was previously married

Earlier in his life, Don Cornelius married Delores Harrison. Back then, he worked as a salesman. After dating Delores for a short time, he kneeled before his high-school sweetheart, and the two married for some time. She had two children, Anthony and Raymond. Later known as Tony, Anthony also got popular through his father’But the married ended before Don started working as a news reporter in 1966. There’s only a little information about Don’s marriage to Delores Harrison.

Victoria Cornelius ex-husband Don Cornelius died in 2012

Victorious’s work as a Television reporter and producer was long loved by his fans. Staring a carrier as a radio announcer to work in the “A Black’s View of the News” TV show, his real fame comes as a creator of “Soul Train.”

Unfortunately, we lost our favorite TV personality on the morning of February 1, 2012. Don was living in his house at Mulholland Drive. The locals heard shooting inside the house and called the police. His body was lying on the ground with a gunshot wound in his head. His death was confirmed in the hospital.

Don had Alzheimer’s disease and had seizures in the last 15 years. He had gone through a complicated brain operation in 1982.

According to his son, “Our father was going through extreme pain, it was so hard for him to live like this every day.”

His fans were heartbroken to hear such sad news about their loved TV host.

Victoria Cornelius step-granddaughter Christina Marie Cornelius

Christina Marie Cornelius was Tony’s daughter with Amy Hunter. Tony, Don’s son with Deloris, married for a few years. Christina’s mother, Amy, was an actress who also worked in “Soul Train.”

Amy’s work in the daily soap and “Night after Nights” was loved by the fans. The couple met in a work setting and later married each other. Shortly after having a daughter together, the couple couldn’t stay together and went through a divorce. 

In Greek, Chistina means follower of Christ, and Marie denotes lady of the sea. Victoria Cornelius’s step-granddaughter Christina Marie is an excellent student and a shorts woman. Her friends are fans of her leadership qualities and dance. The Harvard graduate and a volleyball player, Christina certainly makes her parents proud.

Christina, the only daughter in the family got lots of love. She used to spend every holiday with her dad and share intimate moments. She loved to attain awards and events show with her dad. This has made Christina dedicate her time to her father’s foundation. She wishes to spread love and gratitude to the whole world.

Victoria Cornelius's step grand-daughter, Christina Marie Cornelius

Victoria Cornelius’s step-granddaughter, Christina Marie, an excellent student, and a shorts woman

Net Worth

Victoria Cornelius filed her divorce from her husband in 2009. Then 72 years old, Don hated his wife and wished to finalize the divorce before his death. The divorce was settled after Don appointed Viktoria to get the ownership of his life insurance policies. The total insurance amount Victoria got was about $300,000.

Although the insurance policy stated that if the policyholder suicides before two years, the insurance will be invalid, Don’s policy was longer than two years. So, Viktoria owned a lottery after the death of her ex-husband.

She didn’t have a professional carrier of her own; thus, her net worth is not revealed to the world

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