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Meet Vince Papale Wife Janet Papale. His Net Worth

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Image of American football player Vince Papale and his wife

Janet Papale is an American gymnast, diving expert/coach, and real estate, consultant. She is the wife of the American football expert Vince Papale. The elder sister to 8 siblings and a mother of two is not scared to overcome any struggles.

Vince Papale has earned millions of dollars; he is also a man with three marriages and two failed ones. To know more about their marriage, kids, and achievements, keep reading further and have a closer understanding of American professional players’ lifestyle and early days.

Vince Papale is Married to Janet Papale. Their Kids

While the famous American football player Vince Papale was starting to lose his faith in true love after getting divorced twice, he met with his future wife, the formal national gymnast Janet Papale. As the couple had a similar passion for their respective games, they understood each other. So they were dating for a while, and the lovebirds got hitched on August 14th, 1993.

Image of American football player Vince Papale and his wife, Janet
Renowned American football player Vince Papale and his wife, Janet Papale.

They have two accomplish kids together. In addition, daughter Gabriella is in the culinary line and has a cooking show of her own, and Vincent, the son, is a realtor in Pennsylvania.

Both the professional players have owned a place at the sports hall of fame, which is one of the most significant achievements.

Moreover, the legendary soccer icon has a biopic named Invincible. But, unfortunately, the movie tries to show the love affair between Vince and Janet in a cinematic way; hence it failed miserably due to its unrealistic storyline. According to the motion picture, the pair met in a bar.

Who is Janet Papale? Wiki

Janet Papale is a woman with many traits. At just the age of 16, she was a member of the US world gymnastics team. Being the firstborn of her parents somehow has impacted her eight siblings’ lives because they also serve as athletes. But, unfortunately, with the ankle injury, she had to withdraw from her gymnastic career.

However, she didn’t stop, and like a pro-go-getter, started moving towards diving. In the Penn State University as a student of physical education, she bragged first place, breaking all the records of her fellow teammates. Janet Papale is a former coach turned into a businesswoman and a real estate agent.


It’s certainly not a piece of shocking news regarding Vince’s broken marriage, especially with his first wife, Sharon. In the mid-’90s, the duo made headlines when Papale revealed the last letter of his then-wife. She writes about him never being able to make a name of his own ever. His other ex-wife is Sandy Bianchini, whom he married in 1977 and then separated about after six years.

Vince Papale Net Worth

Image of American football player Vince Papale
Former professional American football player, Vince Papale.

Vince Papale has a net worth of $2 million. As a professional football player, he has managed to earn a fortune. He started making $21,000 as the Philadelphia Eagles, and with every game, his salary too increased.

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