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Ward Schraeder (Tamara Day Father) Age, Net Worth and Wiki-Bio

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Tamara Day father, Ward Schraeder wiki and Networth

Life is full of unexpected things. Ward Schraeder, in his 70s, never thought that he would be starting a career in the entertainment industry. However, we are thankful to his famous renovator daughter, Tammy Day, that we got to witness the talent. While many people at his age are spending their retired life at home, Ward has been gathering well-wishers.

As of now, the old man’s Wikipedia details have piqued the public’s interest since his appearance on “Bargain Mansion.” So let’s explore his age, net worth, and many more.

How Old is Ward Schraeder? Age and Early Life

Born in Western Kansas, Ward Schraeder is 74 years old as of 2021. According to a source, he was born in the year 1947, and his birthday falls on 1st October. While many have been inquiring about his early life details to know him as a young man, Mr. Schraeder, on the other hand, Ward has been very secretive about his personal life details and has not revealed anything yet.

Ward Schraeder and his daughter, Tamara Day, on HGTV’s Bargain Mansions since 2017

Ward Schraeder and his daughter Tamara Day are famous for being the presenter of an HGTV based reality show called “Bargain Mansions.” The father-daughter duo has been hosting the show since 2017 and is absolutely loved by the public. The show is all about buying old houses and renovating them at low prices. While renovating the houses with some modern pleasantness, they make sure not to destroy the house’s historic properties.

Furthermore, as per Ward’s website, his appearance on the show was just a coincidence. He stated that he happened to go by his daughter’s house while some of the crew members from the “Bargain Mansion” were shooting the show’s teasers. Then the producer asked him to make an appearance. The teaser was a hit, and Ward became the co-presenter of the front along with his daughter Tammy Day.

Ward Schraeder with his daughter, Tamara Day
Ward Schraeder and his daughter, Tamara Day

Who is Ward Schraeder’s Wife/Partner? Any Kids?

For more than four decades, Mr. Schraeder has been in a peaceful marital relationship with his beautiful wife, Trish Schraeder. The pair is claimed to have celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary in 2021. We do not have many details about, Trish but it’s evident that she is a very supportive wife and a great mother. Ward and Trish are blessed with four children, and Tammy is one of them. In addition, the pair has nine grandchildren. Also, according to a source, Ward taught everything to his kids and never depended on any Handyman.

Ward Schraeder with his wife, Trish Schraeder
Ward Schraeder with his wife, Trish Schraeder

Career and Wikipedia

The 75 years old, Ward has a successful career as a constructor, renovator, and reality TV star. As per an online portal, he began his work as a renovator when he was young. He used to help his father with construction projects. And one of his first projects was renovating his grandfather’s ranch. He has been in the construction company since then and is currently doing rather well. He is presently working as a reality TV program host. Now, he is presenting “Bargain mansions” with his daughter.

Schrader enjoys playing guitar in his leisure time.

Net Worth and Income

According to reports, the constructor had a net worth in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 in 2019. Though Ward is yet to reveal his net worth in 2021, we are sure that it has increased with his increased fame from the reality TV show. On the other hand, his daughter has a net worth of $4million in 2021. 

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