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Wee Man Net worth, Death rumor, Wife, Age, Height

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Image of Stunt performer and actor, Jason Acuna

Jason’ Wee Man‘ Acuna is a pro skater, stunt performer, actor, and television personage. Let’s explore some of his greatest performances, stunts, as well as other interesting facts about his net worth, wife, age, and measurements. We will also look at the death rumors surrounding him.

Wee Man Career Highlights

  • Wee Man got his start in the show business after she started working with the skateboard magazine Big Brother. It later paved the way for a role in the Jackass TV show. This saw him take on a couple of stunts and antics that soon made him a household name.
  • Moreover, Wee Man was additionally brought on to work on the reality TV series, Armed and Famous,’ back in 2007. From then on, Wee Man went on to feature in all of the Jackass franchise films, ‘Elf-Man’ and ‘Feed the Dog.’ 
  • Currently, Jason operates as the host of the Fox Sports Net skateboarding show, 54321.
  • He also owns a fast-food chain of stores named Chronic Tacos Restaurant. They are famous for their Mexican food.


Image of Famous stunt-man, Jason Acuna
American pro skateboarder and television personality, Jason Acuna

Wee Man Death Rumour

There were rumors in 2020 that Jason Acuna had died. These rumors were finally debunked after it was established that his fellow Jackass co-star, Stevie Lee, was the one who had died at the age of 54. The confusion came about because Jason closely resembled the co-star who had passed away. Jason, on the other hand, is still breathing.

Birth Date, Early Life, Age, and Height

Jason Acuna was born on May 16, 1973, in Pisa. Italy, and is currently 47-years old. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Interestingly, he shares his date of birth with Megan Fox, actor Joseph Morgan, and pop singer Janet Jackson. Wee Man’s family moved to the United States while he was young, which meant that he grew up in Torrance, California.

Looking at his ethnic background, he has ties to both Germany and Mexico. Moreover, Jason stands at 4 inches 9 feet tall. His short stature stems from the fact that he has achondroplasia. Research shows that this is a type of dwarfism.

Net Worth and Income

Jason has accumulated most of his wealth through the various stunts he performs. Additionally, his participation on television also paved the way for an increased income. Other than this, he has gone on to work on multiple series.

Later on, he even transitioned to working on video games. As of 2021, Wee Man’s net worth sits at about $10 million.


It was reported that the stunt artist sold his house and some of the other things he owned and started living out of his van. The reasons why he did this remain unclear to his fans. He is also the proud owner of his fast food joint, the Chronic Tacos Restaurant.

Social Media

Wee Man is not really big on social media. His Twitter page has over 273k followers. His Facebook page, however, is quite popular, having accrued over 1.9 million followers. He mainly shares videos depicting his latest pranks, his stunts, and jokes.

Wee Man Wiki Bio and Facts

NameJason Shannon Acuna (Wee Man)
Age47 years
Date of BirthMay 16, 1973
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height4ft 9in (122 cm)
OccupationSkateboarder, stunt performer, actor, and television personage
Net Worth$10 million

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