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Wes Watson, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Prison

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Images of a famous American inspirational speaker, Wes Watson

Wes Watson is an idol and an influencer to people who want to bring a better change in their lives. His ten-year-long imprisonment has only taught him to get a positive mindset and discipline in his life. Furthermore, he decided not just to change his life but also of many others struggling in their respective journey. Hence, he is now working as an inspirational speaker, social media influencer, and YouTuber.

Besides, most of the population wants to know about his wife, son, net worth, and many more. So please stay with us to enlighten yourself.

Who is Wes Watson? Age and Early Life

Wes Watson is a famous American inspirational speaker and a fitness trainer. He is also an ex-convict who got involved in possessing and dealing marijuana. Regarding his age, he might be around his mid-thirties and has not yet talked about his date of birth. Further, he was born and raised in San Diego, California. We don’t really know how was his upbringing was like, but we can tell that he started smoking marijuana at the early age of 12.

He has not spoken about his parents and childhood yet, but we think he might have been under the wrong influence while he was a kid. By the time he was 14, he had realized that dealing weed could make him money; hence, he started trading them. Over the years, he became a drug dealer, which ended up badly as it often does. Apart from this story, he has never spoken about his early life details like educational background and all.

Wes Watson is Married to a Wife Valerie Watson

Many people inquire about Wes Watson’s married life with his wife. Hence, we came up with everything we know. Wes and his wife Valerie tied their wedding knots on October 31, 2019. Ever since then, the couple is living happily. The inspirational speaker has made a video on YouTube revealing the truth about their marriage.

According to him, their marriage has been a roller-coaster as they have big fights every two or three days, but the couple overcomes every hurdle with the love they have for each other and never give up. He further mentions that they met each other via Instagram and got married after getting to know each other for just 28 days. While people may call him a fool for taking this life decision in such a short period, he states that he doesn’t care about what others say and just listens to his heart.

Wes Watson with his wife, Valarie Watson
A famous American inspirational speaker, Wes Watson, and his wife, Valarie Watson.

Moreover, the couple has welcomed a son named Wolfie into their family. We can see many Instagram posts where Watson appreciates what life has offered him in the past few years, regardless of his wicked history. You can see how changed a person he has been now after a 10-year long prison sentence.

Wes Watson Net Worth

Do you ever wonder how rich is the inspirational speaker? Well, we do think about it quite a lot and have researched about it. Hence, according to many sources, his net worth is estimated to be around $1.7 million. Undoubtedly, he has gathered this entire amount from his outstanding career as an inspirational speaker and influencer who regularly posts influencing content on his YouTube channel with more than 383k followers. Furthermore, he might also make money from being a professional fitness trainer.

Wes Watson After Prison

Watson had nobody as his role model, and he used to deal with and possess weed and drugs from a very young age to make money. Eventually, it led him into a troublesome situation. Wayne was arrested for robbery in the first-class degree, inhabited dwelling, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon after someone was defrauded of a massive quantity of money. He was given a ten-year prison sentence.

However, despite his difficult imprisonment life, Wes transformed his life by changing his perspective. After being imprisoned for that long years, he developed discipline and a positive mindset within him. Besides, he has now been using his past prison life to inspire others and change them. Hence, now he has been successful in his life and continues to share his story to inspire others.

Social Media Activities

Watson has made great use of social media technology to share his life story. Hence, he is present on all of the major social media sites. He is active mainly on his Instagram platform, where he engages his more than 158k fans with his fitness regimes and daily life content. Apart from that, YouTube is the platform where he posts his stories of being in prison for ten years, changing his life after being released from prison, and many motivational videos. Besides, he is also on Facebook and Twitter with 7925 and 346 followers.

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