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Wren Keasler (Shannon Lee Daughter) Age, Wikipedia, Facts

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Image of martial arts legend and daughter of Shannon Lee, Wren Keysler

Wren Keasler bears the legacy of martial art. She is a young sensation not only because she is the granddaughter of the martial artist Bruce Lee but also because of her martial arts and acting skills. Wren is the only daughter of an American actress, Shannon Lee.

If you are wondering who Shannon Lee is then she is the only daughter of Bruce Lee. So, let’s talk about this young martial artist regarding her age and family history right here.

Who is Wren Keasler? Wikipedia-Bio

Wren Keasler was born to father Anthony Ian Keasler and mother Shannon Lee on 21st May 2003. Shannon Keasler is the daughter of Bruce Lee, a legend in mixed martial arts. Born and growing up in Los Angeles, USA, Wren picked up the great legacy of her grandfather. She became a sensation at a tender age. She has terrific martial arts and acting skills that she has already shown to the public.

Here are some facts about her.

NameWren Keasler
Date of Birth21st May 2003
Place of BirthLos Angeles, USA
EthnicityMixed Ethnicity
ProfessionMartial Artist and Actress
ParentsShannon Lee and Ian Keasler
Relationship StatusN/A
GrandfatherBruce Lee

How old is Wren Keasler? Birthday

Wren Keasler turned 18 in May 2021. 21st May is significant for her as she enjoys her birthday. She has already become fame continuing the legacy that her grandfather has left to the world.

Meet Wren Keasler Mother Shannon Lee and Father Ian Keasler

You must have known about Bruce Lee. In fact, we assume almost everyone has some idea about him. And Shannon Lee is the daughter of the legend who married Ian Keasler.

Image of martial arts legend and daughter of Shannon Lee, Wren Keysler
The daughter of famous martial artist and actress Shannon Lee with her daughter, Wren Keasler

Shannon is also a famous martial artist and actress, carrying forth the legacy that her father has left to the world. And she has transferred it to her daughter, Wren Keasler. Shannon has acted in various movies in versatile roles. When she was young, Shannon was a student of Jeet Kune Do, a martial art that her father, Bruce Lee, invented. Bruce Lee, unfortunately, left the world at the age of 32.

Shannon started her career in acting with her father’s biopic film in 1993. She played the party singer in the Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story as her debut role in the film industry. Since then, Shannon has acted in various movies. She is also famous as Shan Shan. Wren’s father, Ian Keasler, is a designer, but he is popular for marrying Shannon Lee.

The couple tied their nuptial knot in 1994, and they were husband and wife until they divorced in 2007. The reason for their divorce is unknown. They co-parented their daughter, and she has been well brought up. But unfortunately, they are not together now.

Wren Keasler is the granddaughter of the late Bruce Lee

If you haven’t heard about Bruce Lee, you haven’t heard about the world. Whether or not you know anything about martial art or acting, you must have heard about Bruce Lee at some point in your life. He is such a legendary figure of mixed martial arts. Wren Keasler was born to the only daughter of Bruce Lee.

As the granddaughter of a legendary martial artist, she has followed the path of her grandfather. She has made her name in martial art and acting and has risen to fame at such a young age.

Net Worth and Income Sources

The young martial artist has achieved fame at a young age. She is 18 now and is already famous for what she has done in martial art and acting.

Image of martial arts legend, Wren Keysler
The daughter of Bruce Lee and martial artist as well as actress, Wren Keasler

Wren is the daughter of her millionaire mother. Although she has worked and achieved so much, her net worth has been under review now. However, as a successful actress and businessperson, her mother earns so much that the young girl lives a lavish life. Her mother, Shannon, has a net worth of around $10 million.

Social Media Activities

Wren has social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. However, all her social media accounts are in private settings. She doesn’t seem to be frequently posting on her Instagram as her account has only three posts. 1.36K people follow her on the platform.

Her Twitter account is also in a protected mode. Only the followers who she approves can read her tweets. She follows six people while nine people follow her.

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