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Zach Rushing Net Worth, BBB, Bio, Married, Age

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Motivational comic, Jach Rushing in his car

A motivational comic and philanthropist, Zach Rushing has followers wide and far. When he hosted a live performance in Missouri, people came all the way from Florida to see him perform live. Basically, his fame rises for his infinite style and personality along with some controversy.

Let’s get to know about his life in detail and the net worth of Zach Rushing. He owns a BBB clothing brand. Is he married or dating a girlfriend?

Who is Zach Rushing? Bio and Wikipedia

Zach Rushing was born in the Wildfires of Australia. But he mostly lives in South Mississippi. He has majored in Criminal justice but couldn’t pursue his carrier for a long time.

Zack’s popularity rose after his US comedy tour in Bonne Terre. This live performance had crowded the place with all tickets sold out. People traveled a long distance just to see him perform at the Hook Comedy Club. He often gives controversial statements, making the media talk about his life.

Rushing’s Youtube channel was made on Dec 19, 2013, and has a total of 11,260,390 views. He mostly posts selfie videos talking about his life and other philosophy he believes in.

Zach Rushing smiling with his charm look
Motivational Comic, Zach Rushing.

Net Worth and Source of Income

The exact figures of Zach’s net worth are not known to the public yet. Most of his income comes from his brand BBB. Some parts of the income come from is Youtube account with 283 thousand subscribers as of 2021.

His girlfriend once released a video saying that she did Christmas shopping worth $600 from Zach’s card. From this story, we can assume that he is quite rich.

Zach Rushing Has a BBB Clothing Brand

Zach Rushing’s clothing brand BBB is very popular. The team delivers the best outdoor clothing at a reasonable rate. Established a couple of years ago, BBB is already a renowned brand in the fashion industry. They sell caps, t-shirts, and any other clothes. However, their mystery box, which includes the surprise pack to the customer is very famous.

Although the fashion brand is named BBB, they market their product with WIX, a digital platform, and marketing agency.

Is Zach Rushing Married to a Wife?

Zach is not married to a wife but he certainly has a girlfriend. The comedian Zach is openly talking about his girlfriend Sarah on his social media account.

There’s a post with his girlfriend, where Zach wrote,

“When I’ve had a rough day and week, your picture reminds me that someone’s thinking about me, thanks for always being in my corner darling! Love you!”.

The two are never shy to express their love, either it is through their social media platform or on their regular dates.

Zach Rushing was High School Football Player

The multi-talented personality Zach Rushing was actually a football player in this college days. He started playing football at D’Iberville High and continued the game in college. Originally from Woolmarket, this newbie player had made Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College rank at 3rd position on the NJCAA poll.

Furthermore, after winning the match with Grand Rapids Community College, they were on the famous list. In the game, he came second in the total offense. He was No. 4 for offense and No. 19 in passing offense. Zach played a total of 13 football games in the entire session.

How old is Zach Rushing? Age and Birthday

Although we don’t know the exact year of Zach’s birth, he celebrates his birthday on April 18. Similarly, on this last birthday, he wrote, “Big thanks to all who send be happy birthday wishes. I have not replied to all the text but you should all know that I am thankful for words”.

Social Media Activities

Zach is mostly active on Facebook with 2.2 m followers who regularly enjoy his updates. He mostly shares his blog and his work along with his brand items. Some personal posts of his girlfriend Sarah can also be seen in the Facebook account. Zach’s Twitter account with 1,200 followers says, “Just a country boy with a big mouth and no filter, enter with care!”.

Zach spends most of his time making Youtube videos where he posts most of his motivation videos and vlog. Likewise, his hit video My First Black Checkout has 3.3 million views.

Moreover, Zach is also on Instagram as zachrushingofficial.

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