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Zay Hilfiger Age, Net Worth, Height, Bio, and Facts

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Images of s a young and celebrated dancer, Zay Hilfiger

Zay Hilfiger is a young and celebrated dancer. He has become popular for his dance move videos on YouTube. The Detroit native made his childhood passion of dancing into his career and gaining success every day.

Let’s explore relevant information regarding the dancer’s age, net worth and height.

How old is Zay Hilfiger? Age and Early Life

Born as Tyjuan Peoples in Detroit, Michigan, the dancer became famous as Zay Hilfiger. The dancer of African-American ethnicity was born in the year 2000. He takes the joy of celebrating his birthday on the 15th of November.

The young dancer turns 21 years in November 2021. He has achieved fame quite at a young age with his dancing skills.

Although he has gained popularity, there are so many things about him that are still unclear. Firstly, we have no idea of who the dancer was born to, and secondly, his early life and education facts are also unclear.

Even though his early life story is unclear, we can say that he was passionate about dancing that he took it seriously to make it his career.

Zay Hilfiger Net Worth

Zay started dancing as young as he was six years and started recording the videos of his dance moves. As social media started getting popular, he started uploading his dance videos on different platforms.

That’s just the beginning of how the young and talented dancer has accumulated an unbelievable net worth of $2 million in his early 20s. But, yes, he has done it.


We have already discussed that the talented dancer started his dancing career when he was six. The rise of social media helped him showcase his talent to the audience. His smooth dance steps started getting popular amongst his young fans.

In addition to dancing, he has also made his name as a singer. He creates amazing dancing and singing video content and shares it with the audience from his YouTube channel. The YouTube channel that he runs on his name has 1.48 million subscribers.

His videos on YouTube are popular amongst young viewers.

A video titled Juju on that Beat that he created with Zayion McCall in 2016 and uploaded on his YouTube channel has received 452 million views so far. The video became a big turning point in the career of this young video content creator.

He had recorded the song in collaboration with Zayion McCall and Atlantic Records took it for distribution. And the young talent’s career took an upward graph. Since then, the young singer has recorded many different hit songs and created video content. His other video 21 Savage – X also became a hit on his channel that added more fame to his name.

He has become a celebrated name as a dancer, a singer, and a YouTube content creator and his popularity seems to be increasing every day.

Is Zay Hilfiger dating a Girlfriend?

The 21-year old dancer was in a relationship with Ajasia Velez. His girlfriend was a social media star with whom he had done a video titled Ye Ye Ye for his YouTube channel in 2017. The two were together since then and she was deeply in love with Zay.

But their relationship had a short life span and they separated in 2018. Ajasia had accused the dancer of abusing her and went to court. Analyzing the facts, the court ordered Zay to stay away from her. So, they ended their relationship and a bad image of Zay came out as an abuser who assaulted his ex-girlfriend that led to her miscarriage.

The singer/dancer seems to be single now since there is no news of him dating anyone at the moment.

Zay Hilfiger with his ex-girlfriend, Ajasia
A young and celebrated dancer, Zay Hilfiger, and his Ex-girlfriend, Ajasia Velez

Height and Weight

The young and talented dancer/singer of the Afro-American ethnicity has an average height. His physical height is not much appealing. He stands only 5 feet and 5 inches tall which is short for an American boy of 21.

Although we know about his height, we have not got any facts about his weight.

Social Media Activities

Zay rose to fame basically from his YouTube videos. So, he is a popular name amongst young YouTube content creators. His channel has a staggering number of subscribers, 1.48 million, and millions of views on his videos. He actively creates and uploads short video clips of his dance and songs.

He also uses other social media platforms but he is not as popular as on YouTube.

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