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Zayden Banks (Lil Durk Son) Mother, Age, and Bio 

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Images of Zayden Banks, a star celebrity, is the third child of Lil Durk

Zayden Banks, a star celebrity, is the third child of Lil Durk, the sensational rapper of today. He is the cutest child among his siblings. He is a popular kid on Instagram. Are you willing to know more about Zayden’s life? If yes, read us to the last point: Zayden’s mother and his age.

Zayden Banks Age and Birthday

Zayden Banks was born on the 1st of November, 2013, in the USA. Now, he is currently eight years old.

Who is Zayden Banks’ Mother? Parents

Zayden Banks’s biological mother is not known to this date. However, his father, Lil Durk, is a renowned songwriter, record executive, and rapper. Duke also owns a Chicago rap collection, “Only the Family.”

Zayden Banks siblings

Zayden Banks has five siblings; Angelo Banks, Bella Banks, Du’mier Banks, Styler Banks, and Willow Banks. Angelo and Bella are older than him, whereas Du’mier, Styler, and Willow are younger.

Angelo (2011) and Bella Banks (2013) have a common parent, Lil Durk and Nicole Covone. Lil and Nicole began their dating in 2008 and got separated in 2013. At the time of Angelo’s birth, Lil Durk was just 17 years old. He became a parent at such a young age to concentrate in his career as his increased responsibilities would motivate him more.

Du’mier was born in 2014, and no information is found about his mother to this date. Skyler Banks is the fifth child of Lil Durk, and Tameka Kute is Skyler’s mother. Willow banks (October 2018) is the youngest child. He is the son of Durk and his girlfriend India Royale. They first met in 2017 and eventually started dating.

Zayden Banks with his siblings
Zayden Banks and his siblings, Angelo and Bella Banks

Father, Lil Durk

Lil Durk was born on the 19th of October, 1992, in Englewood, Chicago of the USA. His childhood is full of challenges as his father was life imprisoned. From an early age, he was captive by the fever of music and initiated to release mixtapes in his label OTF(Only the Family). He recorded two singles; I’ma Hitta and Sneak Dissin. He accomplishes these two recordings even without his family’s support.

At the age of 18, in 2010, he initiated his whole time music career by joining “Def Jam Recordings.” He is also admired by Chief keef, well known Chicago rapper. After that, he became famous in Youtube and MySpace, and his supporter numbers grow exponentially. His first mixtape, “Life Ain’t No Joke,” got him sound recognition in various social platforms. He has been featured in Drake’s superhit single album; Laugh Now Cry Later. This made him a star overnight.

After that, he released two other mixtapes, L’s Anthem, Signed to the Streets, and 300 Days 300 Nights. His first album was already a big hit. He is considered to be the voice of the streets and one of the best rappers of today. Today, his total earning is assumed to be around 1 million dollars.

Zayden Banks pampered by his father, Lil Durks
The sensational rapper, Lil Durk with his third child, Zayden Banks

Zayden Banks’ father, Lil Durk, was arrested for attempted murder

Lil was charged for February shooting in a restaurant in Atlanta on the 5th of February, 2019. He was then arrested for attempted murder. Prosecutors claimed for having footage of him firing the 23 years age Alexander Weatherspoon. In addition, a witness also claimed to see Lil speeding away after the victim, Alexander, was wounded. Furthermore, Lil was found to be a violent street gang member, Black Disciples, and his attack upon Alexander was related to some gang-related dispute. Another witness claimed to see Lil arguing with Alexander just before the firing.

Besides this, Lil has a long history of involvement in criminal activities. In 2011, he was imprisoned for a weapon charge. Later in 2013, he was arrested for throwing a pistol at the police vehicle. However, he escaped from this charge as a witness told that the prosecutor’s manipulated the events. Likewise, he was also charged with a felony gun case from which he escaped eventually.

Social Media Activities

Zayden is actively involved on Instagram, a popular social media these days. You can see his lovely pictures in his posts. To this date, he has made 735 posts and has gained 2485 followers. You can follow him @zayden_banks to learn more about his life through his eye-catching posts.

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